Dear Parents,
Welcome to St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Preschool.  As an integral part of the ministry of St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Episcopal Church, our preschool promotes physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth. Since opening our doors in August 2002, we have worked to create a loving and warm Christian environment that parents want and appreciate. An experienced, patient, and committed staff have been selected to provide the best care and support for your child during these important developmental years. Providing a wide range of hands-on activities and having a low teacher-student ratio allows the optimal classroom experience for children to learn as they play.

This year we will continue to offer our children a weekly chapel service that introduces them to prayers, songs, and stories as they relate to our faith. We invite you to visit our church and preschool at any time and we thank you for choosing St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Preschool. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Tracy Hanson, Director

Rector’s Message

Dear Parents,
It is hard to believe that we are beginning our 20th year of St. Andrew’s Preschool.  It is a delight for all of us to watch these children grow.  The preschool is an important part of our ministry to the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach communities, and students and their families are a part of our family here.  I want to warmly welcome all new and returning students.  We look forward to the busyness and the fun.

Welcome (back) to St. Andrew’s.
The Rev. Richard G. Elliott, Rector

Mission Statement

St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Preschool is a Christian oriented program designed to promote creative, physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development of young children.

Admission Policy

Entrance Requirements:  Children in our One Year Old Program must be one by May 31st, and walking by the start of the school year. All other children will be enrolled based on their age as of August 31. Preschool admission is based on a waiting list.  The priority list is as follows:
1)   Currently enrolled children and siblings
2)   St. Andrew’s Church Members – Someone whose name is on the church roll
3)   Siblings of alumni
4)   Wait list by date joined/ general public
If the classes have specific needs, selection of students is at the discretion of the Director.

Immunization Requirements

Children must be up-to-date on their immunizations against childhood diseases.  Each child must have, on file with the school, a copy of his or her immunization record verified from the doctor’s office.  You may also be asked to provide a completed medical form for your child before entering school.
For children not meeting immunization requirements, you will be notified by the preschool immediately.  Should you fail to provide the preschool with an updated copy of your child’s immunization record, your child will not be permitted to return to preschool until the necessary documentation is provided.

Schedule (2022-2023)

One-year-olds         Tuesday, Thursday                              9-12 (11:00 for 2 months)
Two year-olds         Monday, Wednesday                           9-12
Three year-olds      Monday, Wednesday & Friday           9-12
Four year-olds        Monday through Thursday                 9-12
We will be closed when the New Hanover County traditional public elementary schools are closed for workdays, holidays, and inclement weather. See calendar for first and last days of preschool.
When we have inclement weather, we will follow the New Hanover County Elementary Schools for closings.  Listen to the local radio and television stations to determine if we will be open. When able, we will send out a school e-mail about delays and closings.  When public schools have a delayed opening, we will be closed for the day. We do not make up missed days due to weather. Days of early dismissal in the public school will mean early dismissal for us also. We will post the times for pick up.
If while in session schools are closed due to inclement weather, please pick up your child as soon as possible. Our teachers may need to pick up their own children from their schools.
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Financial Arrangements

Non-Refundable Registration Fee :   $100.00 per child /$180.00 for two children in the same family
The registration fee is separate from the monthly tuition and is charged any time a student is registered.

Tuition: Tuition payments are non-refundable
1 year-old class                                $190.00 per month
2 year-old class                                $180.00 per month
3 year-old class                                $210.00 per month
4 year-old class                                $230.00 per month
Yearly tuition is divided into 9 monthly payments. The first payment for preschool will be due on June 9th. Tuition will be paid a month in advance so no May payment will be collected unless a child starts in the middle of the year. Tuition will not be prorated for shorter months of the year.
Checks are preferred. No bills will be sent.  Payments may be left in the Director’s box or mailed to St. Andrew’s. Please do not pay in cash and do not leave tuition money with the teachers. Monthly Fees are due on the 1st day of each month.   For your convenience, payment may be paid monthly or yearly. A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed for payments received after the 5th day of the month.   If you are unable to pay, please inform the Director so that this matter may be discussed and a payment plan reached. Tuition is not based on attendance; therefore, no reduction can be made for holidays, vacations or time missed by students.  In case of an extended absence for any reason, tuition must be paid if the child’s place is to be held. A 30-day written notice is requested for withdrawal and tuition payments are non-refundable. We are a non-profit organization and our budget is based on the projected income of each student.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

Our doors are locked during preschool hours for the safety of your children. If you need to pick up your child early, notify the director or a class teacher.  Be considerate and pick up your child promptly at 12:00 pm (11:00 am for 1’s at the beginning of the year). Once you have taken possession of your child, they are your responsibility. Please do not leave them unattended in the building or on the church grounds.  If you have an emergency, do not worry; a teacher or volunteer will care for your child until you arrive.
We will not release your child to anyone other than the person who dropped him/her off unless otherwise pre-arranged in advance by the parent. Written permission is required if your child plans to go home with another person.  Please inform the teacher of carpools. The teacher may ask the designated person for identification.
A $10.00 late fee will be assessed if you child is not picked up by 12:05 and for each additional fifteen minutes  thereafter that you are late.

Discipline Policy

St. Andrew’s On-The-Sound Preschool wants its students to develop good self-concepts, problem-solving abilities and self-discipline.  We believe this happens when adults communicate with them in a positive, non-threatening, and understanding manner.

Our discipline methods include:

  • Positive reinforcement for positive behavior.
  • Redirect child to another activity.
  • Natural and logical consequences.
  • Helping children recognize another child’s feelings rather than to force an apology.
  • Corporal punishment is not allowed at any time.

If a child’s behavior becomes disruptive to the other children, that child may be separated from the group for a short period of time.
If your child has the habit of biting or hitting, he or she may be asked to stay at home until this problem is resolved.  This policy is for the protection of the other children.

St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Preschool reserves the right to dismiss a child if his/her behavior is threatening or causes major disruption in the classroom.

Parent Involvement

We hope that parents will be involved in our program.  Parents are welcomed to visit our school but we ask that you respect the classroom rules and activities.   Any parent may contact their child’s teacher to offer help with an art program, read a story, substitute for a teacher or help a teacher as needed.
Please sign up with your child’s teacher to help with one of the holiday parties or special occasion themes in each class.


St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Preschool does not provide insurance coverage for your child.


We do request that the children’s routine not be disturbed by unscheduled conferences.  We ask that you do not attempt to hold conferences during arrival and departure times.  Our teachers are committed to giving every child their full attention.
Parent/Teacher conferences will be scheduled as needed or requested. If you would like to discuss something with your child’s teacher, please schedule a conference.


When choosing your child’s clothing, please plan accordingly. The children will paint, glue, and use markers. Additionally, they enjoy climbing and running on the playground so please make sure they wear shoes with straps or tennis shoes. Closed toed shoes with socks are best.
A complete change of clothing, in a zip lock bag labeled with the child’s name, should be sent to school to be kept there in case of accidents.  All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name.  We will change your child’s soiled clothing, if necessary, and return them to you in the zip lock bag.


Personal Items for Students

Please do not send your child to school with toys or personal items unless approved by the teacher. Things often get lost or broken.
If your child is in diapers, please send diapers (labeled with their name) and wipes with your child to school. Only pull-ups with Velcro may be used at school. Pull-ups without the refastenable feature require your child to be disrobed and therefore may not be used.  Diapers will be changed as needed.

We prefer that children in our 3-year-old program be potty trained.


The parents will provide snacks for their class on a rotating basis. Snacks should be nutritious.  A list of snack suggestions will be provided for your convenience and we ask that you send in a variety of 3 options (carb, protein, fruit/vegetable).WE ARE A PEANUT FREE SCHOOL; do not send any food containing peanuts or peanut butter.  Students should bring a reusable bottle/sippy cup filled with water each day to class.

Lunch Bunch

This option will be offered from 12-1:00 pm on Wednesdays for the older children. Students must bring their own nutritious lunch from home.  Please make sure that the lunch box has an ice pack. Reminder: WE ARE A PEANUT FREE SCHOOL.
Parents will be asked to sign up at the beginning of the month for lunch bunch so that we can staff it appropriately. Please fill out the lunch bunch form and include lunch payments with your monthly tuition. There will not be any refunds given for days missed because of absence or sickness.


If your child wishes to share a birthday treat with the class, please notify your teacher in advance.  Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless all children in the class are invited. Do not send balloons, party favors or presents to school. Birthday candles are not permitted.

Health Concerns

  • In case of a pandemic or community health crisis, the preschool will use the guidelines of the CDC, NCDHHS, New Hanover County Schools, and health care experts to develop an informed policy in response to the crisis. 
  • Please do not bring your child to school if he/she has been behaving in a symptomatic way (is lethargic or irritable), or has any of the following symptoms: fever above 100 degrees, persistent cough, yellow-green discharge from the nose, sore throat, ear ache, eye infection, rash, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or any flu-like symptoms. 
  • Please make sure your child has been symptom/fever free without the aide of medication for at least 24 hours.
  • Please do not bring your child to school if he/she has head lice. Your child may return to school following appropriate treatment and removal of all lice/nits.
  • Please notify the school if your child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease or head lice.  All parents will be notified as to the nature and exposure of any communicable disease. The child involved will not be identified.
  • If your child becomes symptomatic during class, we will contact you or your listed emergency contact to have them picked up.
  • An accident report will be completed on each child who experiences “a significant injury” and this report will be shared with the parent.
  • Information about allergies, limitations or medical conditions should be in writing on your child’s information sheet and also brought to the attention of the director and your child’s teachers.  It is your responsibility to report any changes or additions in writing.
  • We are not allowed to administer medication to any child unless prescribed for allergy emergencies only (ex. epi-pen)
  • If your child is absent for more than two classes, please contact the teacher or the preschool director. We worry.

Daily Activities for Twos, Threes and Fours

School Arrival:
Morning Circle:

Hello, Songs, Calendar, Weather, Group work

Learning Centers and Art Time:

Theme related art activity
Kitchen/Dress up center
Blocks and Trucks
Reading Center
Science/Nature/Discovery center

Work Time:

Group table activities and fine motor development
Chapel Time:
Lesson and Music each week

Snack Time:
Story Time:

Theme related stories
Favorite stories

Outside Time:
Good-bye Time:

Review the day
Upcoming events
Good-bye songs

Note:  This is an approximate schedule.  Activities may fall in a different order.