With much excitement St. Andrew’s On-the-Sound Episcopal Church opened a preschool September 2002. Four teachers and a director were hired for the 30 children that enrolled the first year. We had classes for one, two, and three year old children. This first year was a tremendous success. The next year, 2003, we hired four more teachers and added a four year old class. The total number of children at St. Andrew’s that year grew to 41. The number remains much the same today. This was an exciting time for our preschool and we have continued to add and expand our curriculum each year.
We offer a chapel service each week to hear Bible stories, sing songs, and learn our church traditions. We use many “hands on” learning techniques that stimulate all areas of development. Our curriculum is theme based with age appropriate activities and toys. We believe a loving and warm Christian environment has been created; where children can learn and play. We will continue to offer small classes and low student-teacher ratios to provide more one on one learning for all students.